About Us

Maria Helena Evangelista | CEO Wisdom Legacy

Wisdom Legacy is a multidisciplinary business and investment consultancy offering comprehensive and versatile solutions tailored to every business stage with a focus on administration, real estate, major investment, development and logistical support, return on assets, among others.

By adopting new approaches, we potentiate the creation of value and the ability to innovate while still being competitive and maintaining our corporate social responsibility.

Offering extensive services, we have a vast network of national and international contacts and a wide range of highly experienced professionals that can meet every need in a customised and efficient way and always in keeping with the best commercial and management practices and standards.

Excellence and Professionalism

We believe no two clients are the same, therefore we will analyse each client and their needs individually so we can outline a strategic plan that allows for the development of objectives and targets with a focus on optimising time and money.

We are a business, financial and fiscal consultancy offering a broad range of activities such as real estate and the participation in national and international businesses of any sector. Basing our principles in flexibility, integration and agility, Wisdom Legacy is the ideal solution for achieving your goals and the development and maintenance of your business.